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Welcome. This is the new website for Augusta's Historic Cottage Cemetery. The purpose of this site is to provide and preserve information about the cemetery and the people buried there.

The Cottage Cemetery is over 200 years old. Interred at the cemetery are some of the first citizens of Augusta. Surnames of descendants and those interred include Bailie, Bones, Carmichael, Couper, Cunningham, Eve, FitzSimons, Jennings, Longstreet, Medlock, Messmer, Neely, Rockwell, Sherman, Sibley, Simkins, Smith, and Young.

Actions are under way to restore, maintain, and preserve the cemetery. It has been vandalized at least twice over the past fifty years with much damage having being done to the monuments and tombstones. A group of descendants has banded together recently to set up a non-profit organization to care for the cemetery and ensure this part of the legacy of the many, many descendants across the country is preserved.

Companion Sites

Visit our new Cottage Cemetery Wiki. It will allow us, the descendants, to build a knowledge base about our ancestors buried in Cottage Cemetery. We will be able to share the wealth of knowledge about all of our ancestors in a single knowledge base. Researchers and visitors will be able to view the information but will not be able to change it. Additional capabilities, such as a user forum and graphical family trees, will be added in the future.


Let us know how we can improve this site. We appreciate any and all suggestions. If you want to contact us, please click the Contact link to send an email to Forrest Sibley and J.L. Sibley Jennings, Jr.